Some common terms you may come across

Some common terms you may come across

Transgender:  Some feel strongly that they are of the ‘opposite’ gender and for others, there is a sense of fluidity between genders or that the gender descriptions available do not match their gender identity at all.  

Non-Binary:  Non-Binary people do not define their gender in a ‘Binary’ (male/female; man/woman) way.  

Gender Dysphoria:  When this experience results in distressing feelings it is described as ‘gender dysphoria’. Not all trans people will experience dysphoria, but they may still identify as trans because their assigned sex does not match their gender identity and they are experiencing ‘gender incongruity’.   

Transition:  Some people seek surgical remediation, others choose to express their gender without the need for surgery, but make use of hormone treatment, and some may not feel the need for medical intervention.

Transphobia:  This is the hatred, fear, mistrust of or prejudice against trans and gender non-conforming people. This leads to discrimination and exclusion.   

Cisgender:  A person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.