Information on the EREN Team members, how you can join the Network and and how to join the Network and Affiliated Networks at the University of Edinburgh.


Information on the Edinburgh Race Equality Network (EREN) Team and how to join the Network

The EREN Team

Co-convenors: -

rashné limki, Co-Convener, Edinburgh Race Equality Network

I am Lecturer in Work and Organisation Studies in the Business School. My journey here started as an engineering student (Mumbai) turned politics student with legal aspirations (Oberlin, Ohio) turned race and ethnic studies scholar (San Diego, California) turned management researcher (London). It has been a convoluted journey but somehow makes perfect sense. Along the way, I have picked up a love of writing, and held onto a commitment to justice. At Edinburgh, I am co-founder and co-organiser of the Womxn of Color Network as well as Migrant Officer for the UCU. My commitment to the project of racial justice motivates me to work through both, community-building and strategic institutional intervention. In the past few years, EREN has played in strong role in getting the University to make bolder investments in race equality and anti-racism and I am keen to drive this work further.



Rie Shigemori, Co-Convener, Edinburgh Race Equality Network 

Rie Shigemori (they/them) is from Japan and has worked in the education sector for 7 years. After working as a full-time teacher in Japan for two years, they completed their Masters degree in Education (Philosophy of Education pathway) at Moray House School of Education and Sport in December 2022. Whilst working as a Student Experience Assistant at the School of Economics from October 2022, they are actively engaged in educational activities within and outwith the university with a strong passion in questioning assumptions ("philosophising").


How to Join

Membership is open to any member of staff who supports the values and purpose of the network. We aspire for a good balance of academic and support staff, at all grades with representation of men, women and different ethnic groups. Members must maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information and are expected to make a meaningful contribution to the group.

Members are encouraged to attend events organised by the group.  Now over 100 members and continue to grow.

To join or for news and events email:

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Affiliated networks

EREN is affiliated with two additional race networks in the university. EREN is a staff and Postgraduate Research (PGR) Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) network that is also open to allies who do not identify as BAME; our two affiliate networks are only open to staff and PGRs who do identify as BAME:

The Womxn of Colour Network welcomes all staff, including PhD researchers, who are women or gender minorities of colour at the University of Edinburgh. The primary purpose of the network is for us to be in community with each other, to decrease the sense of dispersal, and to form a critical mass. We get together approximately once a month and also have an active virtual space to exchange ideas and information, and to respond to individual and collective needs as they emerge. Please note that we strive to be a safe and comfortably space for trans women, non-binary people and other gender minorities. To join the network please e-mail:

The Staff BAME network welcomes all Black, Asian, minority ethnic academic and professional staff, including PhD researchers, at the University of Edinburgh. We provide a safe space for the BAME members to share their challenges, experiences, and stories. We also aim to improve BAME members’ engagement within the higher education system through a wide range of activities that foster support for one another and celebrate BAME members’ achievements. We work collectively to strive for racial equality and justice at the University and beyond. To join the network, please email