Disabled Staff Network

A Disabled Staff Network with membership open to all disabled staff and carers.


Primarily, we aim to provide a network of mutual support and a collective voice for staff with disabilities, restrictive health conditions and caring responsibilities. We also maintain close links with Human Resources, in particular the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team, to progress disability issues and make improvements. We hold six meetings a year and maintain an email distribution list via which we share and request information about disability.

Check out our video: 

Disabled Staff Network Introduction Video


  • Bring together staff with disabilities, restrictive health conditions and caring responsibilities in a safe space and a confidential environment to share experiences, information and support, to discuss disability issues and to network.  
  • Gather and share best practice, knowledge, ideas and thoughts on disability issues to benefit operational, research and academic work.
  • Inform the University's approach to creating an inclusive and supportive culture and help to develop effective solutions by acting as a forum and a point of contact for the University to consult with on relevant policies and projects.
  • Raise the profile of disabled staff and disability within the University and beyond.

Current aims:

  • Create branding and related advertising resources
  • Advertise the Network
    • to grow membership
    • increase volunteer involvement
    • to raise profile of disability
  • Gather information about existing support
  • Develop SharePoint site as information resource 
  • Set up a University-wide neurodiversity awareness and allies group on MS Teams 
  • Enable use of sunflower lanyards, wristbands or pins to signify non-visible disabilities
  • Raise awareness for the meaning of sunflower lanyards
  • Collaborate directly with network members to hear their opinions and thoughts

Meetings 2022

We hold six meetings a year and all are welcome to attend. Please get in touch with us at DSN@ed.ac.uk if you would like to attend or have any questions. ​

Until further notice all DSN meetings will be online using Zoom - meetings are the first Wednesday of every other month from 1-2pm as below:

Wednesday 2nd February, 1-2pm via Zoom

Wednesday 6th April, 1-2pm via Zoom

Wednesday 8th June, 1-2pm via Zoom

Wednesday 3rd August, 1-2pm via Zoom

Wednesday 5th October, 1-2pm via Zoom

Wednesday 7th December, 1-2pm via Zoom


We welcome staff with disabilities, potentially restrictive health conditions and caring responsibilities and all staff who feel the Network is relevant to them. We are keen to welcome staff regardless of whether you self-identify as disabled.

We will never ask you to disclose your disability, health condition or caring responsibilities. We appreciate that not all disabilities are visible or permanent. If you are unsure if the Network is for you please come along to our next meeting or get in touch.


  • Co-convener - Sio Carroll
  • Acting Co-convener - Claire Graf
  • Treasurer - Fiona Oliver

Get in touch with the Disabled Staff Network co-conveners by emailing DSN@ed.ac.uk. All emails will be treated in confidence. ​​​


We have a SharePoint site with a collection of resources at:  

Disabled Staff Network - Home (sharepoint.com)