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  • Sapphistries: A global history of love between women – Leila J. Rupp 

  • A Gay History of Britain: Love and sex between men since the Middle Ages – Matt Cook 

  • The Bi-ble: Essays and Narratives About Bisexuality – Ellen Desmond and Lauren Nickodemus 


  • Allen L, Cowie L & Fenaughty J (2020): Safe but not safe: LGBT+ students’ experiences of a university campus, Higher Education Research & Development, 

  • Formby E (2015). #FreshersToFinals : From freshers’ week to finals: Understanding LGBT+ perspectives on, and experiences of, higher education. Project Report. Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University. 

  • Keenan, M. (2018) Education: Extending Research in LGBT+ Student Experiences.  Research Report: Nottingham Trent University.