Online Training Courses

Equality diversity and inclusion [EDI] training modules for staff.

An online training course to increase your knowledge and understanding of EDI - required to be taken by all staff

This course explores what Unconscious Bias (UB) is, what it means, and how it impacts on the people around us in the workplace - required to be taken by all staff

This course explores Britain's Black Cultures and how to be a change agent for EDI and belonging.

This course will help you to understand disability, and identify how reasonable adjustments can be made in the workplace for staff with disabilities

This course highlights ways to be aware of your own mental health and to offer support to colleagues

This course will take you through how to complete an EqIA.

The University offers training courses to promote positive behaviours around sexual consent and tackling all forms of harassment.

This e-Learning course is provided by GIRES - Gender Identity Research & Education Society.

Instructions for how to enrol in training for staff via Learn

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