Web references

EqualBITE Book web references

EqualBITE Book Web References

Grouped list of URLs in the book "EqualBITE: Gender equality in higher education" (VR, 3 October, 2017)

Gender in HE: the current landscape in the UK, Judy Robertson

Gender in HE: the current landscape at the University of Edinburgh, Judy Robertson

A model for change, Alison Williams & Judy Robertson (No URLs.)

Gender balancing your seminar speakers, Vicky MacRae & Helen Sang

Gender balancing Wikipedia entries, Melissa Highton

Gender balancing the curriculum, Simon Fokt

Creating a safe space for classroom discussions, Andy Hancock

Gender balancing your scholarly journal, Ros Attenborough

Raising your profile on a grant application, Judy Robertson & Barry Lovern

How to become a better scientific evaluator, Meriem El Karoui & Judy Robertson

Gender and the REF, Emily Yarrow

Be sceptical when researchers claim sex differences, Judy Robertson

Unconscious bias, Derek Jones

Likeability and the double bind, Alison Williams (No URLs.)

Intersectionality, Amy Burge

Educated Pass, Neil Speirs (No URLs.)

Student recruitment: planning visit days, Judy Robertson

Gender balancing staff recruitment: attracting the right candidates, Lara Isbel (No URLs.)

Gender balancing staff recruitment: shortlisting, Stewart Anderson (No URLs.)

Gender balancing staff recruitment: interviewing, Judy Robertson

Advertise all opportunities large and small, Jane Norman (No URLs.)

Women, competition and beliefs, Noemi Berlin (No URLs.)

Proactive promotion, Jon Turner et al

Defining excellence, Lara Isbel

Career progression on a shoestring, Anonymous

Research isn't the only route, Anonymous

Raising your profile within your organisation, Lara Isbel & Sara Shinton (No URLs.)

Career coaching for individuals, Helen Sang (No URLs.)

Talking about your achievements, Lara Isbel (No URLs.)

Salary Negotiation, Judy Robertson & Alison Williams

Getting an international audience..., Martyn Pickersgill

Approaches to planning your career, Lara Isbel (No URLs.)

Dealing with imposter syndrome, Judy Robertson

Rose surprise - when your period comes early, Hope Bretscher (No URLs.)

Flexible working: being realistic, Anonymous

Deadlines and diapers: being an academic dad, Graham Baker

The kids are alright, Gale MacLeod & Jonathan Hearn (No URLs.)

Show your daughters the joys of science, Danai Korre

How to convince your family to let you study, Theresia H. Mina

Stereotype threat, Judy Robertson

A reflection on EUSA sexual harassment campaigns, Chris Belous (No URLs.)

A reflection on Edinburgh University's policy on sexual harassment, Gavin Douglas (No URLs.)

Tackling difficult situations - supporting your staff, Anonymous

Support for students who report sexual harassment or assault, Arianna Andreangeli & Daphne Loads

Perspectives from students (Working with students) Lara Isbel and Judy Robertson (No URLs.)

Allies in the classroom, Zach Murphy

Grow and succeed with fellow students, Hope Bretscher (No URLs.)

The power of language, Alison Williams

Catalyst, Zach Murphy

Finding my voice, Alison Williams

Say something, Marissa Warner-Wu

Grumpy, Daphne Loads

You can't be what you can't see: visible celebration of notable women, Jo Spiller & Sarah Moffat

Pause, Derek Jones, Alison Williams & Anon

Be vigilant with your vocabulary, Brona Murphy

Challenging bias, Alison Williams

Unravelling rhetoric, Derek Jones & Alison Williams

Damning with Faint Praise, Karen Chapman (No URLs.)

Not just "a ladies' problem", Jane Hilston (No URLs.)

Recognise your privilege, Pablo Schyfter

Leadership styles and approaches in GeoSciences, Katriona Edlmann

Becoming visible in meetings, Silje Graffer & Alison Williams

How to run more equal meetings, Silje Graffer, Nathalie Rochefort, Judy Robertson (No URLs.)

What have you done to my squash courts! Jon Turner (No URLs.)

Exercise and sport for all, Jim Aitken (No URLs.)

Reflections on exercise and sport in the University, Alison Williams  

Asking for equitable buildings, Derek Jones

Leadership perspectives on gender equality (No URLs.)

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