Staff Pride Network Introduction

The University of Edinburgh Staff Pride Network (SPN) for LGBT+ colleagues and allies.

 Stonewall Scotland Network of the Year 2018

 Purpose of the Network

  1. To provide a way for LGBT+ staff and allies to get to know each other through formal and informal events, and feel part of a welcoming LGBT+ community at work.
  2. To provide a mechanism for enabling LGBT+ staff to come together to share information and support by providing a space for the safe discussion of LGBT+ issues.
  3. To provide all staff with confidential support and advice on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans issues at work
  4. To provide a forum with which the University can consult on project and policy related matters in relation to equality of treatment for LGBT+ staff and help inform the University’s approach to promoting an inclusive and supportive culture.
  5. To raise the profile of LGBT+ staff within and beyond the University.
  6. To enable the sharing of best practice, knowledge, ideas and thoughts on operational, research and academic work in relation to LGBT+ issues.