Support for mental health

Guidance on supporting staff with mental health difficulties.

No other health condition matches mental illness in the combined extent of prevalence, persistence and breadth of impact

Most of us will experience periods of poor mental health during our lifetime.  Indeed, mental ill health is the leading cause of sickness absence across the University.

Normal life experiences such as change, bereavement, stress, traumatic events and worry all have an impact on our mental health.  With effective support and coping strategies, for many of us these difficulties will be short-lived. However, for some of us difficulties will persist, impacting significantly on our day-to-day lives and leading to the development of a more serious mental health condition.

Managers have a central role in promoting wellbeing, understanding the challenges staff may face, and providing appropriate support when staff experience mental health difficulties.

The University’s Health and Wellbeing webpages provide a wealth of resources and guidance on managing your own mental health and supporting others.

Health & Wellbeing webpages

Guidance on adjustments to support mental health conditions

The following documents provide information and guidance to support staff with specific mental health conditions:


Anxiety (770.9 KB / PDF)


It is important to remember that people with the same mental health condition can experience different symptoms, and to a different extent. This means that adjustments and support need to be tailored to an individual’s specific needs.


Prolonged periods of stress at work and/or in our personal lives can have a serious impact on our mental health. Although stress is not a mental health condition in its own right, it may lead to the development of a mental health condition or exacerbate an existing one. The Occupational Health webpages provide guidance and advice for managers with staff who are experiencing stress.

Occupational Health Stress webpages


It is a good idea to complete the Stress Risk Assessment for Managers and to ask your staff member to complete the Stress Assessment for Individuals.