Support for sensory impairment

Guidance on supporting staff with sensory impairment.

What is sensory impairment?

A sensory impairment is something that affects a person’s hearing, vision or both their hearing and vision. While some people are born with vision or hearing impairment, age-related conditions are the most common cause of hearing and sight loss in the UK.

Guidance on adjustments to support sensory impairment

The following documents provide information and guidance to support staff with specific types of sensory impairment:


It is strongly recommended that individuals with sensory impairment receive a thorough workplace assessment as set out in the guidance documents above.

Guidance on communicating with people with sensory impairment

People with sensory impairments often experience challenges in having meaningful and effective conversations with others, which may make the person feel isolated. The following documents provide tips for good workplace communication that is inclusive of people with hearing or sight loss.

Is your meeting deaf aware (265.93 KB / PDF)