LGBT+ Equality

LGBT+ Equality

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The University is committed to eliminating discrimination and prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity. We're striving to create a more diverse and inclusive university and provide here some examples of the work we are doing in this area. Here you will also find the Trans Hub.



Ally and Role Model Trainingthe University recognises the importance  of  having Allies and LGBT+ Role Models across the institution, and organised and funded an in-house Allies training programme, and also a Role Model training programme, facilitated by Stonewall Scotland. 

Both our trained Allies and Role Models are very active across the institution. By being members of our Staff Pride Network enables them utilise their learned skills, and pass them on to others via this media.

There are vibrant and active LGBT+ communities for both students and staff, follow the links to explore more...

The University has been a Stonewall Diversity Champion member since 2012, a programme which aims to ensure all LGBT+ staff are able to thrive within the workplace. We will continue this membership, giving staff access to a number of benefits including training to improve understanding of LGBT+ equality and inclusion.

The University makes periodic submissions to Stonewall's Workplace Equality Index. This is a useful tool to support us to reflect on our policy, practice and the experiences of our LGBT+ staff, and to identify any further actions that are needed.

The University was delighted to  be ranked 121st in the Workplace Equality Index  2020. This marks an increase of 200 places over 4 years.


You can see a range of resources and information for trans students, staff and those supporting them on our Trans Hub page.