LGBT+ Allies

Allies for LGBT+ colleagues & advocates for equality across the University.


Working together towards a workplace where everyone can be themselves

An Ally…

  • Shows support for LGBT+ colleagues & advocates for equality across the University

  • Educates themselves on LGBT+ issues & feels comfortable discussing these with colleagues

  • Challenges homophobia and transphobia & proactively works towards a fairer workplace

In 2018 , and since the Stonewall Allies training held 2017, the SPN delivered their own allies training in ISG at Argyle House and Literature Languages and Cultures.  A Personal Tutor training programme was also delivered in the Law School.

Stonewall Allies Training

The University's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) unit  recognise the importance  of  having Allies across the institution, and were delighted to be able to organise and fund an in-house Allies Training Programme which was  facilitated by Stonewall Scotland.  There was great deal of interest from staff across the University wishing to attend, and delegate places were filled very quickly.

The one-day programme empowered allies to be active change agents, creating a more inclusive workplace for our LGBT colleagues and for everyone else.

  • explore what it means to be themselves in the workplace and the business case for individuals to be able to be themselves
  • critically examine how they can be a more effective Ally for others
  • identify key ways that they can become active agents of change and help to create and strengthen inclusivity and equality in their workplaces and wider communities
  • develop a network of support through joining the Stonewall Scotland Allies Alumni network.

 Through reflecting on the relevance and impact of their identity in the workplace, participants were able to identify achievable ways to step up as an ally in their workplace and leave the programme with a concrete plan about what they are going to do, and how. Our now trained Allies :

  • Attend and are involved with Staff Pride Network meetings and events and participate in promoting LGBT+ across the institution through various methods
  • Allies can be contatced via the Staff Pride Network as an available resource and support for LGBT+ colleagues
  • Meet or correspond with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Unit for further networking opportunities, exchange of information and sharing good practice
  • Attend LGBT+ social functions. 



If required, staff can arrange to speak to an ally, in confidence, by emailing


Feedback as a trained Ally


Some feedback from just a  few of our allies:


I certainly feel like I used my training skills learnt from the Allies training – and potentially more importantly, I felt like it was a real benefit being able to inform both colleagues and students that I had undertaken such training, and to put the training into practice

Ali McDonald Acting Head of International Student Advisory Service

When wearing the lanyard in meetings around the campus, we’ve been asked why, giving opportunities to talk about the SPN, equality & diversity, and what an ally is. Wearing the lanyard outside the Uni, we've had similar conversations with other organisations thus sharing the equality message with partner organisations. We've also been more confident talking about LGBT+ equality to friends and family, who now also have a basic understanding on some of the issues LGBT+ people face in the workplace (and in life).

Andrew Arnott and Sarah Ford HutchesonSocial Responsibility and Sustainability

Feedback from Stonewall Training

The Allies training event facilitated us to build our own toolkit to help support LGTB+ staff and promote inclusion – this approach helped me enormously as I feel ownership of the toolkit and will be able to apply it with a thorough understanding of what I am trying to achieve. Keeping in touch with the community of Stonewall trained allies and our Staff Pride network will give me the confidence to put the toolkit into action.

Peter PhilipsDeputy Director of Planning, Governance and Strategic Planning

Every staff member at the university has the responsibility to generate and contribute to the dignity and respect in the workplace for all colleagues. The Stonewall Allies training has given me specific tools to explicitly support LGBT+ staff and students in my Centre and to step up where needed.

Professor Catherina BeckerPersonal Chair of Neural Development and Regeneration, CDBS)

Further feedback

The following feedback was received from delegates who attended the Allies training programme:

    • “I have a far better understanding that I don’t have to be revolutionary – just here and visible.”
    • “Before, I didn’t see the importance of being a visible Ally. I felt that the LGBT+ community wouldn’t be interested in my support, but from today I see that I can do a lot of good.”
    • “I have learned proactive things I can do to be an Ally, and most importantly, that I don’t need to understand everything to be an Ally.
    • “I am more aware of simple ways to communicate my support to all.”
    • “Confident to take forward a couple of actions and responses to 'call out' inappropriate behaviour.”
    • “I have some ideas of how to do this in the workplace with colleagues, and I will see if/how this could relate more directly with my work.”
    • “It is important for me personally to be an Ally to all, not just the LGBT+ community.”

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