Finding Out More

There are many resources available to help you find out more about being Trans or non-Binary, the discrimination and the hurdles they face in navigating the gendered environment (see resource list below). 

Trans and non-Binary people face challenges doing things that many simply take for granted – such as using a public toilet or changing room – fearing hostility and experiencing stress.  Understanding this will help you in preventing and challenging discrimination.  The environment can also be hostile to Trans and non-Binary people through visible Anti-Trans campaigns, such as stickers and posters, often in toilets, as well as on social media.   

Student Quote :

To access the gym at King's Building you have to go through a changing room, which is either the female changing room or the male changing room so you can't physically get into the gym without dealing with these things and potentially people looking at you, potentially people asking you why you're there, people kicking you out it's so it's like there's so many situations where you are exposed to, like that, categorization that other people put on you.  Just because you are the way you are, there's like no way for you to escape it really.  


Further Reading and Resources

Some common terms you may come across