Consent Matters and Tackling Harassment


At The University of Edinburgh, we are working to ensure that our campus is a safe environment for everybody.

Take the free online ‘Consent Matters’ and 'Tackling Harassment' courses to learn about the importance of sexual consent, recognizing harassment and how you can look out for others.

What are the courses about? 

Consent Matters

The ‘Consent Matters’ course covers sexual consent, relationships and bystander intervention training.  

The course will discuss what informed sexual consent looks like, how all parties can respect and agree clear boundaries and ensure there is consent at all times.  

The course will assist you to support and services you can access and will help you to identify and recognise any abusive behaviours and lack of respect, as well as challenging the behaviours & attitudes of those who don’t respect personal & sexual boundaries.  

Tackling Harassment

‘Tackling Harassment’ addresses all forms of harassment and discrimination. The course examines harassment and hate, and how members of the University community can recognise problematic situations and intervene safely.

Who are the courses for?

The course is free for all students and staff at the University of Edinburgh


Instructions for accessing the courses

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