The University is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) for all, and these principles are at the heart of our institution’s values and strategic vision:

We are diverse, inclusive and accessible to all

Strategy 2030

Diversity of thought, perspectives, experience and skills brings demonstrable benefits to our work and to our decision making, as well as to our ability to build a truly inclusive institution. The University’s Equality Outcomes 2021-2025, published here Strategy and Outcomes | The University of Edinburgh, commit the University to increase the diversity of our staff, including at senior grades, in leadership roles and on key decision-making bodies.

This guidance is intended to support you to create a recruitment strategy that attracts and fairly considers a talented, diverse pool of candidates. It should be used to inform your reflection and decision-making so that you can recognise how and where biases and inequalities can arise, and take steps to mitigate these.

This guidance should be used alongside the University’s wider recruitment guidance which includes policies, training courses and practical information. This guidance will be revisited and revised, informed by the experience and reflections of those working to diversify staff recruitment at the University. We encourage and welcome feedback via email to