Diversifying the future

Setting the onward path to diversify our staff community

Reflect on how you can improve the diversity of your network overall. Recruitment is only one of many interconnected elements of diversifying within your area, and improving other elements will both enhance, and be supported by, diversifying recruitment.

Consider how you can plan ahead for the future, enable a greater reach, stimulate potential and widen opportunities to engage underrepresented groups in the long term. This may include:

  • Nurturing diverse future candidates, for example through EmployED internships, or national mentoring schemes for your discipline/area of work.
  • Connecting and engaging with diverse colleagues and peers at conferences and meetings, and inviting potential future colleagues on visits to the University.
  • Seeking out opportunities for public engagement and outreach with underrepresented groups.
  • Actively diversifying your research and teaching portfolio into areas in which underrepresented groups are working.