Guidance and template

Guidance and template for carrying out an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)

EqIA Guidance and Template and Checklist

The law does not dictate a particular form or methodology for EqIA beyond the statutory duties set out in our Policy Statement. The requirement is to actively consider how a policy or practice will meet the requirements of the general equality duty.

However, it is important to record this consideration as evidence of having paid due regard to the duty as required by the Equality Act. University EqIA Guidance, Checklist, and Template Form documents have been developed to help those responsible for policies and practices to undertake an EqIA.

The guidance incorporates questions to guide those carrying out the assessment through the process, and the template form can be used to record the assessment and associated actions.

A checklist to lead you through the process is also provided.

  • Completion of the template should not be the focus, nor should it constrain the assessment.
  • EqIA may be recorded in a different format if preferred. EqIA should focus on understanding the effects of a policy or practice in relation to the three needs of the general duty and on taking any necessary action as a result.
  • Wherever practicable, assessment of equality impact should be built into standard processes and tailored to the nature of the policies or practices involved.
  • Whatever form EqIA takes, the results must be recorded and published. There is a statutory requirement to publish the results of any assessment where the policy or practice in question is being applied.
  • All EqIAs should be sent to to the following email for publication on our Equality and Diversity website.