Campaign materials

Don’t Cross the Line campaign posters and social media materials:

1. For displaying on Plasma/Electronic screens

Download plasma screen friendly versions here (zip file)


2. Social Media images

Suggested text to go with social media images:

"Don't Cross the Line - The University of Edinburgh has a zero tolerance stance towards bullying and harassment. Support and report at: "

You may also wish to tag University of  Edinburgh and Equality and Diversity.


It Was A Mistake/It Was Deliberate

It Was An Opinion/It Was Homophobia

It Was Banter/It Was Racism

It Was Curiosity/It Was Harassment

It Was a Joke/It Was Bullying

It Was Banter/It Was Racism (v2)

It Was Firm Management/It Was Bullying

It Was Fair/It Was Victimisation

It Was Flirting/It Was Harassment

It Was Harmless/It Was Harassment

It Was Consensual/It Was Predatory


3. Paper/Hard copies of posters:

To request either A4 and/or A3 hard copies of posters, please contact HR Equality, Diversity Inclusion at:



Campaign materials designed by The APS Group, Edinburgh.